Good Morning
Good Morning

We love living in our family compound on the bay

The Maroney and Felicetti families in the backyard

The Maroney and Felicetti families in the backyard of the family compound in Lindenhurst. Credit: Maroney family

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a “long house”? Have you ever watched the “Fuller House” series on Netflix?

In these living arrangements, extended family members share the same housing. Three families live together in our home where both our parents grew up and attended Harding Avenue Elementary School.

Our great-grandfather built the house in 1963, and each generation lived here until Superstorm Sandy. Our compound was destroyed, and we lived apart for two years while rebuilding. Nobody liked living apart, and we all missed sharing fun in the backyard on the bay. We are all together again happily enjoying family dinners at the big table in our compound.

We have three families and 11 people all living together. Each family has its own “home” in the home. The best part is the bay is our backyard, and the second best part is we are never, ever lonely.

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