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What I love about my big family

The Hickey family: Joey, top left, Timmy, Michael,

The Hickey family: Joey, top left, Timmy, Michael, Ashley, Dylan and Patrick; Ella, bottom left, Liam, Kylie and Braden. Credit: Hickey family

I have a big family. I am one of nine kids! I have five older siblings and three younger siblings, plus a nephew. The oldest is Timmy — he is 27. He is a great big brother and always looks out for me and my siblings. The youngest is my nephew Braden. He is 4 and very lovable! As you can imagine, living with 12 people can be crazy sometimes, but it can be a lot of fun, too.

For example, it is always a lot of fun on Easter. All of the younger kids are always so excited to look for the Easter eggs. All my younger siblings beg my parents to wake everyone up early in the morning so they can look for the Easter eggs. But my parents usually say no and to wait for everyone to wake up. So we get to play with some of the toys we get.

Another great thing about having a big family is if you have to go somewhere, there are many people to take you. On the other hand, since there are a lot of people, it takes longer to get out of the house when we are all going somewhere because there is usually someone who is not ready.

Another good thing about having a big family is if you have a messy room you can just ask someone in your family to help. If I need help, I usually ask my sister and brother, but there is always a possibility that they will say no. Which means I will need to clean the room by myself, which is never fun. Considering the person I share a room with is my little brother, Liam, he sometimes doesn’t want to clean the mess. So then it will take longer to clean the room. The only people who have rooms that they don’t have to share with another person are my parents and my oldest brother.

Another good thing is when I have dinner, there are no certain seats that we have to sit in. We also sometimes help make dinner, and there are always enough people to help clean it up.

Having a big family, I know they will always support me. Having 12 people who love and care about me is the greatest thing in the world. I wouldn’t want to live any other way without my big, enjoyable family.

Mary Ralph’s fifth-grade class, South Oceanside Elementary School, School #4

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