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Family pet-sitting job lets me learn, play with lots of dogs

Kidsday reporter Lucas Winn with one of the

Kidsday reporter Lucas Winn with one of the dogs he cares for. Credit: Winn family

I help my mom with what I think is a very interesting job. She is a veterinary technician in a specialty animal hospital, and she also watches families’ pets while they go away. When we have someone’s pet at our house, we treat it as our own. The only one who objects to this is our family cat, Marie — she’s not too fond of this arrangement.

While the pet is here, we provide it with food, water, love and a big, secure yard to run and play in. I find this an interesting job because I get to see and learn about many different breeds of dogs. It’s also a fun job because I get to run and play with the young and energetic dogs.

This job isn’t all fun and games, though. We always have to clean up after them, and that part is never any fun. Sometimes, if they are very nervous, they can make a mess inside the house. I leave that job to my mom.

For all of our new pets, we always have a “meet and greet” before their stay. This is when the dogs and their owners come to meet us and check out the house and yard. They always seem to like it. This helps because it gives the dogs a chance to adapt to their new surroundings.

This job benefits all of us because the owners are able to go away without worrying about their beloved pets, while giving us a chance to have many different animals share our home.

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