Good Morning
Good Morning

Wendy’s and McDonald’s top our spots for fast food

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

We decided to do a survey on fast food restaurants because they are enjoyed by so many kids. We surveyed around 50 kids, but only 35 kids answered our question. Some of the kids decided not to answer because they did not like to eat fast food. The survey options were Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s. Here are our results:

Wendy’s: 13

McDonald’s: 13

Burger King: 9

In the end, there was a tie between Wendy’s and McDonald’s. It was interesting to see that many kids our age chose not to answer the survey because they do not eat fast food. We still think it is good for a quick snack, but we don’t eat it all the time, either!

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