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Who are LI kids’ favorite comedians? Survey says . . .

Will Ferrell was chosen as the top

Will Ferrell was chosen as the top comedian by kids in grades four, five and six at Minnesauke Elementary School in East Setauket. Credit: Getty Images / John Phillips

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, so we wanted to find out who kids thought was the funniest comedian around. We talked to kids in grades four, five and six and gave them five choices. Here are our results:

Will Ferrell: 81

Adam Sandler: 54

Jimmy Fallon: 44

Kevin James: 21

Jimmy Kimmel: 14

So, the winner of the survey is . . . Will Ferrell!

Will won because so many people liked him in the movie “Elf,” in which he starred as Buddy. But we also like him in the “Daddy’s Home” movies and in “Kicking and Screaming.”

Many kids know and like that movie — that is most likely why Will Ferrell won with so many votes.

So many kids also love Adam Sandler’s movies. He acts like a big kid, and he came in second in our poll.

Brian Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Minnesauke Elementary School, East Setauket

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