Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Fears on the first day of school

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Zöe Rizzo, Flushing

First day of school. New class, new teacher, new students, what could possibly go wrong? There are many things that can ruin your first day of school experience so we decided to list five things that could go wrong.

FIRST-DAY-OF-SCHOOL JITTERS It happens to all of us. Maybe you’re just scared of what could go wrong at school, or maybe the teacher might be mean. Who knows?

SHYNESS This can just be your personality, and at times it can really be annoying to you like when you are trying to make a friend on the first day of school. What’s worse than having to sit alone at lunch? But hey, just smile and say a simple hi, we’re sure that’ll do the trick.

ANXIOUSNESS This is exactly what it says, that’s right, being anxious. Maybe you’re just scared of what might happen. Will I be able to make friends? What teacher will I have? Now while your brain is going on thinking about these things, what would happen if your new teacher called on you and you didn’t know what she asked you? Relax.

THE EMBARRASSING MOMENT One minute everything is going just fine when suddenly — BAM — you do something embarrassing! Maybe you fall down, or maybe the teacher starts yelling at you and your face goes red. But in the end, everybody will forget about it so don’t you worry.

FRIEND TROUBLE This can get tricky. Finding a friend is hard. You ask: Am I that different from others? But, all in all, maybe you will find a friend that shares the same interests as you or maybe they will be just as weird as you.

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