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Feeding the hungry at East Hampton Food Pantry

The East Hampton Food Pantry is a nonprofit organization that helps the poor and hungry people of East Hampton, Montauk, Amagansett and Springs. I started helping out as early as age 5. Each day, people all around the area come to have some food that they need dearly so.

First the food is delivered by truck or is grown locally.

Then we split the food into two groups: one is sent to the serving table where people line up to get their food; then the other group is sent downstairs for storage.

Lastly, we serve the food to the people, kind of like a lunch line at your school.

My main job is to stack the food on the shelves. Sometimes, I lift the food from the truck or serve the food to the people.

In conclusion, the East Hampton Food Pantry has been fighting hunger for no profit, no fame, but just to serve those in need.

Their website: and they are located: 219-50 Accabonac Rd. in East Hampton.

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