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Fidget spinners keep kids moving

Fidget spinners can be helpful for some, but

Fidget spinners can be helpful for some, but to others they can be a distraction. Credit: Heather Walsh

Many kids have fidget spinners. They can be viewed as a distraction to those who are not playing with them, but to others they are used to relieve stress.

My friends with fidget spinners say they help them focus and stay on task. I know a person who has ADHD, and she says that fidget spinners help her concentrate and relieve her anxiety.

Teachers, however, are viewing these toys as a distraction. The spinners, in their view, are noisy.

But some studies say that fidgeting, in general, is good for learning. With students stuck at their desks for longer periods of time, fidget spinners keep kids moving.

Some schools have already embraced the students’ need to move. They have standing desks with “fidget bars,” which are ankle-level swinging bars that students can use to expend energy while reading and writing.

So while fidget spinners can be considered annoying, they can be viewed as a good solution to keep kids focused.

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