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Field day means fun day

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matt Faraci, Sayville

Our school has a unique Field Day every year. We have waterslides, inflatable pools and inflatable obstacle courses.

One popular game is a race. The game is about who can bring the most water in buckets with holes to their team to fill a larger bucket.

The first thing we do to start our Field Day is play the dry games; then we play in the water games. The waterslides are filled at the bottom so you can make a big splash at the end of the slide. Each class takes turns to go on the activities, but there are still long lines. Everyone is excited to go on the slide.

The inflatable pools are another favorite. Everyone likes to jump in the pools when their class is up. Our local firefighters come to our Field Day, and they spray a hose up in the air so everyone can get wet.

The last activity we have is Tug of Fun. One grade competes at a time, and two classes go against each other to get first place.

Jennifer Kulesa-Kast’s fifth-grade class, Westhampton Beach Elementary School

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