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Field Station: Dinosaurs is a blast from the past

From left, Parker and Mackenzie Cairns and Kidsday

From left, Parker and Mackenzie Cairns and Kidsday reporter Logan Cairns at Field Station Dinosaurs in Leonia, New Jersey. Credit: Cairns family

“Screech!” screamed a triceratops.

“This is awesome,” I said.

“I know. This is wonderful,” my brother Parker shouted. “Agh!” screamed my sister. She ran behind my dad.

We went to the next dinosaur. It was a stegosaurus. Its neck bent down to us.

“Wow, it’s like we traveled 70 million years back in time,” my mom pointed out. My family made a trip to New Jersey to check out the come-to-life exhibit Field Station: Dinosaurs.

“This is scary and cool,” my sister panted between petrified breaths.

We walked along the edge of a forest on a grassy path. We came to a dead end.

“Eccchhhaaaeeaahh!” a velociraptor came out of nowhere and scared us. There are stations at this place, so we went to the amphitheater where there were bleachers in an open area. There, a man sang songs about dinosaurs. He sang about how the dinosaurs became birds and flew away. He jumped and danced as he sang.

When he finished, a T-rex came out for feeding time. They let us pet it and then they fed it fish.

Next, we went over to the Quarry Tent. Here, they read a story. After that, I got a stamp on my passport. Then we went to the next station. They give you a big rock and tools. You have to smash the rock, searching for tiny little fossils. I got about seven of them. They stamped my passport before I left.

We went to the next station, seeing another dinosaur. It was a T-rex. It was really big with pointy sharp teeth and tiny arms. It looked awesome. The last station was making a paper dinosaur puppet. Mine didn’t look that cool when I was done, but at least I got the stamp.

With my passport of stamps complete, we saw “Dinosaurs Alive 3D.” It was about a triceratops herd being attacked by predators and protecting their young. It was like the dinosaurs were popping up in my face.

Finished and tired, my family went home. It was a mind-blowing experience for me, so I hope you go there. It opens again in May. It is located at 40 Fort Lee Rd., Leonia, New Jersey. Online: Or call 855-999-9010.


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