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Financial Wizards Club is all about the money

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Grace Kearns, Southampton

At the end of the school day, we go to the Financial Wizards Club to learn all about the magic of money. We learn the art of finance, read the stories and perform the spell of money management. OK, that is an exaggeration and it sure sounds like Hogwarts, but actually it takes place in our school every Thursday. Financial Wizards is led by our teacher Karen Murillo. We learn to deal with money, what to do if you have money and we read fairly interesting stories based all on money and money management. We enjoy this club because we all have to worry about our finances.

Only the first 10 kids who turn in their permission slips can get into this club, which makes it very exclusive. To make it even more enjoyable, we have contests where we can win small prizes for our financial success. When the club was announced last year, not many kids wanted to join, but word spread quickly on how great it was and then there was a waiting list. Doing this is great for now, and great for later. Sooner or later we will move out of our homes and it is good to be prepared financially.

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