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Find ways to get along with your teachers

Lots of kids are scared that their teacher might be mean, but if you get to be friends with your teacher, it is almost impossible for them to be mean to you. Most teachers are nice, but there have to be rules, and you have to follow them. Also, if you want a teacher to be extra nice to you, then you have to behave.

If you're always talking in class, your teacher will get upset because you are distracting the class. Also, if you aren't nice to someone, your teacher will have to give you a punishment.

Cooperation works if you follow the classroom rules. Teachers like it when students come to school with a good attitude because if one student is happy, then the teacher is happy, and if the teacher is happy, the whole class is happy!

Another thing teachers love to see is when their students hand in all their work on time. Teachers have to do a lot of things like grading work, arriving on time, going to meetings, and, most importantly, watching their students and making sure they are safe. I hope you can use these tips to become friends with your teacher.

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