Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Find your way to Safety Town in Holtsville

Hidden within the Holtsville Ecology Park is Safety Town. It opened in 2009, but many people don't know that it exists. It is a wonderful place that provides a great service to our community.

The main purpose of Safety Town is to teach kids about traffic safety. It offers a free two-hour program to organized groups. The first hour is in the classroom, learning traffic laws and safety tips. In the second hour, you get to put your knowledge to the test in the mini town. This includes sidewalks, tunnels, crosswalks, traffic lights, stop signs, bike lanes and even a railroad crossing. You will have fun being a pedestrian, a bicyclist and even a motorist. There are go-karts, so you can experience driving a car. They also have bikes for children with special needs.

In the summer they have open house. Everyone is welcome to come down with a bike or a scooter and have a good time. Several times a year, they have bike rodeos where you and your family can enjoy a fun morning. They set up obstacle courses for you to test your skills. Don't forget to bring your helmet, so you can have it properly adjusted.

Safety Town was originally geared for kids ages 7 to 12, but now it offers teen classes about the dangers of texting while driving. For more information, contact Officer Al at 631-363-3771. Or visit the website.

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