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Good Morning

Finding family lost during World War II

It started with a phone call from Sweden in January. The phone call came from the first cousin of my grandmother, a cousin we didn't know we had. These cousins are sharing some family history with us. My mother's family is Jewish. They were living in Poland during World War II, a war in which terrible things happened to Jewish people. Fortunately, my grandmother survived by using a fake name and living with a Christian family. We thought she was the only one, but she wasn't. Now, 70 years later, we have found relatives we didn't even know we had, and it all started with that phone call. We are putting our family history together like a jigsaw puzzle. There are many websites and tools for family history research. The Internet has made it easier for families to find one another. Families that could not find one another in the past are succeeding now. I am happy that we found our lost family. I am proud of the brave things my grandmother and her family did. I am also proud of the Christian families and how they protected others.

Learning about my family history and World War II has helped me understand many things. It's important for us to learn about history and talk about it so we can be better people. We should not discriminate against people, and we should not follow a bully.

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