Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Finding lost treasures with a metal detector

One of my favorite things to do is go metal detecting. I go often in the spring, summer, and fall with my family.

One of the first places that I went metal detecting was in Long Beach. I discovered a lot of things there. One of my favorite little items I found was a miniature train engine. I also found lots of loose change and rusty nails.

Another place I went to was my uncle's beach in Rocky Point. There I found an old bullet casing from the 1800s, bottle caps, a sign, and many other things.

The last place where I went metal detecting was on a beach in Ocean City, Maryland. I found bolts and a gold stirrup step. I found a fake diamond ring and a real gold ring. Another thing that I found was an old ship ring.

I can't wait to go metal detecting again this year and discover the treasures that are waiting to be found.

Every time I go I find something, so it is worth it for me. I started this three years ago and it makes visiting the beach so much more fun.

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