Good Morning
Good Morning

Finding the best gum with long-lasting flavor

Many gums claim to have flavors that last a long time. We were tired of buying gum and having it lose its flavor so quickly. We decided to use our scientific skills and create an experiment to see which gum would keep its flavor the longest. We tried three different brands of gum: Orbit Mint, Trident Bubble Gum and Extra Watermelon.

We each put a piece of gum in our mouth and chewed until the flavor was gone. Another person in the group timed how long it lasted. We did this for each flavor, We recorded our results and looked at the data. We concluded that the flavor of the Extra Watermelon lasted the longest. We plan to continue this with other brands and flavors to find out which gum has the longest-lasting flavor. If we never get our answer, it's OK, we will keep testing! We love gum.

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