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Good Morning

Fire Island Lighthouse climb was illuminating

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Sophia Kryoneris

In fourth grade we took an amazing trip to the Fire Island Lighthouse. I was especially excited to go to the top of the lighthouse. I knew everything would be just as amazing.

Before we went to the lighthouse, we went on a nature walk. The nature walk was really cool because we saw a deer with huge antlers. He was so cute. We learned about some plants while we walked closer to the ocean. Then we looked at the blue, clear water; it was an amazing view. I really wanted to go swimming in it.

Then we went inside a room that was set up like how the sail crew would have it. We pretended that we had to save three stuffed animals. It was really fun. Then we learned about the lighthouse. There was another lighthouse built before that one, but the light wasn’t bright enough. It couldn’t shine far enough.

Finally we climbed the lighthouse. There were 182 steps. It was worth it though when you made it to the top. The view was amazing, but I was kind of scared up there. I don’t really like heights. I saw the ocean and the woods from up there, the place where we learned about the lighthouse, too. It was gorgeous. Then we had to go down, which made me very tired. I had just walked up and down 364 steps total. When we finally got down, I was so tired and happy.

I was sad when we had to leave, but the trip back to school was really fun. We passed three bridges, and we saw more water that was really blue just like the water near the Fire Island Lighthouse. I liked looking out of the bus window, looking back to see the huge lighthouse.

I loved that trip so much, and I will never forget it.

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