Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'First Team': A football book with a good message

I read the book "First Team" by Tim Green (HarperCollins). If you like football, this book is for you! The book tells you all about football and teaches you never to give up on your dreams.

In this story, there is a kid named Brock. He has a good arm and wants to try out for the team. He wants to be the quarterback, but he is lefthanded. Not a lot of teams have lefthanded quarterbacks. First, Brock wanted to be a running back, but he had a life-changing experience when he was a sub for another star on the team. When they snapped the ball, a defender smashed into him. There was a minute left, and something told him to throw the ball -- and he passed for a touchdown and his team won the game. The coach told him he could be the quarterback for the rest of the year, and they make the playoffs.

His friend made the team, too, which made them both happy! There is an

interesting story with his best friend, Mak, and also all the struggles he has with his dad.

I recommend reading this book -- it has a lot of lessons to learn.Rating: 4 smiles

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