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Good Morning

Fishing around Long Island is a favorite pastime for Dad and me

Kidsday reporter Zachary Garfinkel of Wantagh with his

Kidsday reporter Zachary Garfinkel of Wantagh with his dad, Robert. Credit: Garfinkel family

My dad and I go fishing as often as we can. We have fished together at Jones Beach, Robert Moses and Mill Pond, just to name a few of our fishing spots. Fishing together makes it easy for us to catch a bunch of fish, and we have a great time.

On a typical day, we wake up early in the morning. The tide will come in, which means the fish will be following the tide. Once we leave the house, our first stop is the local bait shop.

We fish either off my uncle’s boat, from a partyboat, or off piers or beaches. The fishing is best on my uncle’s boat. We go down to a fishing “hole” and there’s triggerfish, bunker, sand sharks, fluke, snapper, bluefish, porgy and many other varieties that we catch. My cousin joins us sometimes, and we usually catch up to 20 fish during a trip.

The fish we are lucky enough to catch are not all keepers, so we have to throw some back into the water. A sea bass has to be at least 15 inches long to keep. Sand sharks aren’t edible, so we always throw them back. For bluefish, there is no size limit for the first 10 fish caught. Then for the next five bluefish you catch, they have to be at least 12 inches. For people who fish on charterboats, the minimum size for porgy is 10 inches.

Moving on to freshwater fishing at Mill Pond in Wantagh, you can catch carp, channel catfish, spotted bass, walleye and more. My dad and I have caught crappie, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass in Mill Pond. We stand on the side of the pond by a bench and fish for a few hours. We usually catch up to 15 fish, but we don’t take them home with us because the water is polluted.

I love fishing. It’s my favorite pastime and my Dad’s as well. Aside from having a great time catching fish and eating them, we get to spend a lot of time together. We have made a lot of great memories.

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