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My giant fish tale: A big bass at Lake George

Kidsday reporter Jake Walter-Doza and his 5-pound bass.

Kidsday reporter Jake Walter-Doza and his 5-pound bass. Photo Credit: Walter-Doza family

Once when I was on a trip to Lake George with my friends, we went down to a dock to go fishing. We saw a bass jumping out of the water. All of my friends tried to catch it, but nobody caught anything.

The next day, we went back down to the dock to fish. Again, I put a long, juicy worm on my sharp hook. I cast out my line near a school of fish. After a minute or so, I felt a couple tugs and then I felt a really big tug. The front of the rod was bending a lot. I reeled in the line and saw a really big bass. My friend’s dad said it was about 5 pounds.

I felt so happy because it was the first and biggest bass I ever caught. That was a very memorable day for me.

Colleen Lucie’s fourth-grade class, Sousa Elementary School, Port Washington

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