Good Morning
Good Morning

Fishing fun with Capt. Amanda on The Osprey

Capt. Amanda Peterson is a wonderful role model and a great captain. Our experience with her was an experience like no other. In late fall, Amanda took us out on her boat, The Osprey, out of Port Jefferson Harbor ( She not only taught us some fishing techniques, but the techniques of a great role model: never doubt yourself, friends are necessary and the only opinion that matters about yourself comes from yourself. What we admire most about Amanda is that she is comfortable with being a female captain, and sometimes being the only woman on the boat.

Running the boat isn't a one-person job. With the help of her husband Capt. James and first mate Travis, Amanda keeps things running smoothly. Fishing on the Osprey is a fun, open experience. Once you have that rod in your hand, it's all you. When we were reeling in our fish, we heard this voice in our heads saying, "This is your fish." The combination of the rod, the voice and the comfort around us made the moment that much more awesome.

Amanda kept expressing the point, "Stay positive." If people around you doubt you because you're a girl, or because you are young, stay positive. There is one negative remark for every 10 positive. Amanda says, "Friends are necessary." She would not be as good as captain without friends. Amanda looks at things from the bright side, and takes account of the positive tips and simply ignores the negative, another feature of a great woman. Amanda wasn't the only good part about the boating experience. Fishing was another highlight of the day. Bait was the first step. We used crab as bait for blackfish. Amanda explained that certain fish migrate at certain times of the year and this is how you know what fish is biting and what bait to use. Once we had our rods set up, it was time to cast our lines. Next step was patience. Amanda reminded us that fish don't come in the blink of an eye. You have to slowly lure them in and you won't always catch a fish but you'll always have fun.

Fishing with Amanda, James and first mate Travis was a memorable experience. They even invited us upstairs to actually steer the boat. The best line all day was, "Like my father always says, sometimes we catch them and sometimes we don't, but times spent fishing with family and friends is always a time well spent."

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