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Surf-casting tips: How to fish on the shore

Kidsday reporter Tyler DeMilt enjoys surf-casting.

Kidsday reporter Tyler DeMilt enjoys surf-casting. Credit: DeMilt family

There are many different activities kids enjoy this time of year. One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to go fishing. While it is fun to fish on a boat, I prefer surf-casting.

Over the years, I have learned a few great tips on how to reel in the perfect catch. With a few of these pointers, you can too!

TIMING During the summer, your best bet is to go early morning or late evening. These times are preferred because of the lighting conditions. During these periods, the sun warms up the water, which creates an environment where fish are more likely to bite. You will catch a bigger fish during high tide.

GEAR You need a rod and reel. The rod is the basic tool to get started. Other must-haves include fishing weights, hooks, bucktail lures to attract fish, and extra fishing line in case your knot breaks. A sand spike should also be used to keep the sand out of your reel. For newcomers, your local tackle shop will advise you on gear and help you put together your equipment.

FORM When casting a line, hold the clear part of the fishing line just above the reel with your index finger. Then, open the bail of the reel (the part that looks like the handle of a bucket) and keep hold of the line. Next, you want to swiftly throw your rod back (make sure that no one is behind you when doing this) and in one motion, throw the rod forward while letting go of the line. For more distance, throw it higher. Once the line drops into the water, close the bail of the reel and wait for that nibble.

When you get a bite, set the hook by pulling back, then swiftly but smoothly reel in the line. When you have the fish out of water, make sure you have an adult on hand to remove the fish from the hook. After that, it’s time to enjoy your hard-fought catch.

For more information on surf-casting, check out this cool fishing website:

BONUS TIP Every three fishing trips, be sure to clean out your reel.

Frances Barricelli and Joan McLean’s sixth-grade class, St. Agnes Cathedral School, Rockville Centre

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