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Fishing with Dad in the Great South Bay

Kidsday reporter CJ Marino of West Islip catches

Kidsday reporter CJ Marino of West Islip catches a big one. Credit: Marino family

My dad and I really enjoy going fishing. This summer we fished in many different spots in the Great South Bay. Sometimes when the weather allows we fish in the ocean. Some of our favorite spots in the bay are right by the Robert Moses Causeway bridge and the Fire Island Lighthouse.

We catch many different kinds of fish like fluke, sea bass, and my favorite, striped bass. We use clams and other strip bait on our hooks that the fish cannot resist!

Sometimes we catch bunker with a net. My dad lets me stand up on the front of the boat and look for splashes to find the fish. We do that near the Montauk Lighthouse. We use the net to catch crabs too. At our house we have crab traps and fish traps. Once we even caught an eel in our trap. Sometimes there is just a lot of seaweed.

We enjoy doing so many things on the boat and love to take it to the beach as well. We love going to the beach at Kismet and having dinner and ice cream in Ocean Beach.

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