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Workout club at school keeps us fit

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Mary Wolcott, Garden City

The Fit Team is a great club at our school. Our gym teacher, Amy Chaimowitz, runs the Fit Team. She puts the course up and explains it, and then we do it. She also times us as we are working out. We have to get under a certain time. You want to do your best to get under the time limit for all of them.

The Fit Team is great because it keeps kids active and determined to make the team. It also helps you get in better shape if you play for a team outside of school. Kids like it because it is competitive and fun. Some of the things we do are 20 box jumps and 40 jump ropes. You also do 40 situps, 30 push-ups or planks, and 20 jumps.

We also take it out onto the field and battle to complete the course on our own. You compete against your friends. I like to compete against my friend on my baseball team, he goes to another school and says he’s going to win. But I don’t think so because I always want to get first place. My weakness is jump roping, but I am getting better at that.

Ursula Gavan and Gina Romano’s fourth-grade class, Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Sayville

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