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Flipping over my FiLIP2 phone

The all new FiLIP2 phone allows kids to communicate with their parents easily and keep in touch safely. It has a built-in GPS device. Parents need to download the FiLIP app to their own smartphone, and then sync their phone to the FiLIP 2. Parents can then track the location of their kids. They can call their kids and even text them at all times, but kids can only call five preloaded phone numbers. There is a special emergency mode button that can be activated by holding the red button for three seconds. Parents can set up safe zones and get notifications when their kids have left the safe zone they set up.

The phone has cool colors and looks great. One of the best things is you can see the time and date right away. The downsides are that the screen is only in black and white and there is no light so it's hard to read at night. Another downside is that the FiLIP 2 cannot run apps and you can only call five people. I would recommend this to kids who are in elementary school. The FiLIP 2 is from AT&T and costs $150 with an additional $10 per month data charge.

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