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LI kids hold a cereal drive

Kidsday reporter Dana Stumpf with teacher Laura Clifford,

Kidsday reporter Dana Stumpf with teacher Laura Clifford, who organizes the cereal drive at Nokomis Elementary School in Holbrook. Credit: Barbara Lehmann

Every year for the past eight years, Nokomis Elementary School has a cereal drive in February.

The mastermind behind this is Mrs. Laura Clifford. She was inspired by her friend Diane, who works at the food pantry in St. John’s Lutheran Church, Holbrook. They needed breakfast food, so in 2010, Mrs. Clifford had her first cereal drive. At the end of the drive, the cereal goes to the food pantry in Holbrook. The students and the parents help load the cereal and then unload it at the pantry. The food lasts until September.

The most cereal collected was 1,170 boxes in 2015! Mrs. Clifford also goes to Stop and Shop with a few kids from her class to collect cereal. The most cereal that she has gotten front of Stop and Stop is 500 boxes.

In the morning Mrs. Clifford sends her students to go collect cereal from each class. They get partners and then make posters with them days before the drive. This year, one student was kind enough to go to a local store and collect even more cereal. Cub Scout Troop 124 and the Nokomis community also help collect cereal at other stores.

As we say at Nokomis, “Little hands make a big difference!” They really do make a difference during the Nokomis Cereal Drive!

Jennifer DeCarlo and Robyn Grieco’s fifth-grade class, Nokomis Elementary School, Holbrook

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