The great board game, Fool the Frog (Goliath Games) is fun for the family and friends. The game comes with: one pair of frog goggles (froggles), four small frog-shaped cups and about 20 little flies.

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Five can play this game, and it is for ages 6 and older. One player puts on the froggles, which open and close randomly. The other players pass around a little plastic fly, hiding it under the frog-shaped cups. When the froggles open, the players passing the flies have to freeze while the player wearing them has to guess who has the fly. If that player guesses correctly, she gets to keep the fly as her own. The next player gets to wear the froggles, and the game continues. After everyone has had a chance to wear the froggles, the game ends. The player with the most flies wins the game.

The game is easy to put together, but the strap on the froggles kept slipping off and had to be reinserted. The froggles need batteries, which are not included in the game. The froggles open and close unexpectedly, so some players might be frightened by that. This game is super-fun!

RATING: 5 smiles