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Good Morning

Forensics field trip to police headquarters

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

When I was in seventh grade, I took the Objective Detective: Forensics course at my school. One of the most exhilarating experiences was my field trip to the Suffolk County Police Headquarters. There, I watched helicopters, dog shows and a police pursuit show, and I went through a Suffolk County Police museum and 911 center where every 911 call in Suffolk County goes to.

At the museum, the tour guide showed us all different kinds of accessories the Suffolk police have used during the past century. The Suffolk police have changed their badge and logo many times. In addition, the tour guide showed us the different types of vehicles the cops use. For example, they have many Army Jeeps and different types of motorcycles.

It was then time for the show. The police officers started with a demonstration of how the police stop criminals at high speed. Then a helicopter started to land. The police officers told us to cover our eyes because it can get dusty when the helicopters land. They acted out a scene in which they had to transport an injured man via helicopter to the Stony Brook University Hospital. Finally, the dogs came out. The dogs had many talents. It was fascinating to watch them jump higher than I can. In addition, these dogs can sniff and find criminals, even though they are hidden.

Afterward, I checked out the 911 center. The center consisted of many computers for the quickest response to emergencies as possible. I was surprised by the fact that each 911 call that comes in is answered usually within a second, despite the fact that there are hundreds of calls a day.

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