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Fostering pets from Last Chance Animal Rescue

Have you wanted a dog but not known if the dog is going to be hyper or if the dog will be a good match for you? Then you should foster. Fostering means caring for an animal in your home until you can find it a permanent home.

Last March, my family fostered a dog named Penny. When we fostered her, we saw she was a great dog and perfect for our family. We then adopted her from Last Chance Animal Rescue.

In the past year, I've fostered seven or eight dogs and cats from the Last Chance shelter. It is run with volunteers. My family helps by donating, fostering and volunteering at events. All the animals at Last Chance are taken from a kill shelter.

I like to foster. Sometimes, we have the animals for a day, sometimes for a few weeks. The best part is that they get a new home, and I feel like I helped save them. Penny is a great dog. I want to help spread the word about fostering. Visit or call 631-478-6844.

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