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At Friends Academy we like to help those who are less fortunate

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

Friends Academy is a Quaker school in Locust Valley. Every week students go to meeting for worship, which is like a church or temple service. Quakers also believe in SPICES, which stands for Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship or Service.

Not everyone in our school is a Quaker, but we all go to meeting for worship. Service is something that the community at Friends Academy does year-round. One example is that Friends Academy families are all invited to come make sandwiches in the cafeteria. All the sandwiches we make go to shelters for families that don’t have enough money to buy food. I think this is important because it shows kids from ages 2 to 18 how many people in our local community don’t have enough money to live.

Friends Academy also does other food and clothing drives. During Thanksgiving, we have a food drive and donate the food to a shelter. A lot of the time there is nothing in the food pantry, and we help fill their shelves. During Christmas the lower school has a Christmas tree. Students can bring mittens, hats and gloves to hang on the tree. They can also bring wrapped presents to put under it. All those mittens, hats, gloves and presents from the lower schoolers are donated to a shelter so other people can enjoy their holidays even more.

All of this donating is important, but one day that is really important on the Friends Academy calendar is community service day. Community service day is when the whole lower school comes together, and each student brings $5. Every grade makes something different to sell such as bookmarks, pet rocks, and SPICES rocks, and best of all, the fifth grade gets to do face painting. All the money raised on community service day goes to a charity called Birthday Wishes. Birthday Wishes is an organization that goes to shelters and throws birthday parties for children.

Javan Howard’s writers workshop students, Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts, Wheatley Heights

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