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Friends can have a fight — and still remain friends

Kidsday reporters and best friends Nathanael Monahan, left,

Kidsday reporters and best friends Nathanael Monahan, left, and Anthony Rodriguez. Credit: Veronica Weeks

Can best friends still be friends if they argue or fight? Two of our Kidsday reporters take on that challenging question.

ANTHONY: In my perspective best friends can argue and still be best friends. For example, my best friend, Nate [Nathanael], and I argue all the time, whether it’s on what game to play or what to have as a snack.

One argument with Nate I really remember is when I gave him some of my birthday candy. He took a special piece that I was saving for later. When I left the room he took it, and ate it! I was really mad at him, but I forgave him . . . eventually.

This is why in my perspective you can argue with your best friend and still be best friends.

NATE: When you fight with your friend you might say, “I am not your friend anymore!” Well, hopefully you are still going to be friends. You might go through periods when you have fights all the time and then none for a while.

One time I was at Anthony’s house, and I took his sour candy that he wanted. I took it when he was not looking, and I ate it. He got really mad at me. His parents said no one should have been eating candy, so I said sorry to him, and we made up. We get in a lot of fights but not most of the time, and they are usually short. This is why you can be best friends and still get into fights.

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