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From Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts: Preparing for the move

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Grace Kearns, Southampton

The Webelos of Cub Scout Pack 21, Port Washington, which is part of the Theodore Roosevelt Council, are looking forward to moving up from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts in a bridging ceremony that will be part of Pack 21’s annual Blue and Gold celebration in May. The scouts have worked hard to complete the levels of Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos I, and they are now completing the Webelos II level requirements before the big ceremony.

The bridging ceremony varies from pack to pack, but most use a real bridge to represent this transition. In Pack 21’s ceremony, the den leader and the parents stand on one side of the bridge, and on the other side are the representatives of the Boy Scout troop that the scout will be joining. During the ceremony each Scout crosses over the bridge carrying a lantern and is presented with a Boy Scout shirt and neckerchief.

This bridging ceremony means so much to the Scouts. As one Scout put it: “Bridging to Boy Scouts meant becoming more of a leader because it meant more intense activities and learning. I was excited because I had all my friends bridging with me.” We look forward to our journey to be Boy Scouts.

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