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Frost Valley camp in the Catskills has a family week

Credit: Kidsday staff artist Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Frost Valley YMCA is a wonderful camp for families to take a vacation. Every year Frost Valley saves the last week of summer for families to camp together. You arrive on Sunday and stay until Friday. Everyone sleeps in cabins. There are great events for kids and adults that go from the morning until the night. It’s full of new people to meet.

The weeks before family camp, Frost Valley has different types of sleep-away camps for kids. They have horseback riding, archery, candle making, and other arts and crafts. There are hikes, too, and obstacle course activities.

There is a lake, a creek and the art center. In each of those places, there is something special. At the lake, they have kayaks and standup paddleboards. At the creek they basically have an obstacle course there — you jump from rock to rock. Some rocks are slippery, some are wobbly and some are stable. In the creek you make rock statues and you make towers out of rocks!

In the art center you can tie-dye, you can draw whatever you want, and you can make bracelets necklaces. You can even do pottery. Another thing Frost Valley has is a theater center, where you can play Family Feud after dinner.

Frost Valley is an amazing place so when you leave on the last day, most people feel sad, but the staff puts together a slideshow of every day you spent there. After the slideshow, any person can perform in a talent show. Frost Valley is my favorite place to visit.

Look online at It is located in the Catskill Mountains near Claryville, New York.

Stefanie Baldante’s fifth-grade class, W.S. Mount Elementary School, Stony Brook

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