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Fun Craft: A colorful place to paint

We went to a great place -- Fun Craft. It is a fun place to hang out with your friends and have birthday parties.

If you like to paint, Fun Craft is the place for you. If you go to Fun Craft, you will meet many friendly and helpful staff members. They will help you with anything you need. The staff will make your party come to life.

We painted a flower, a dog and a "Do Not Enter" sign.

Meaghan painted a flower that was turquoise, purple, yellow and light brown.

Gabby painted a dog that was light brown, dark brown, light blue, black and red.

Violette painted a "Do Not Enter" sign that was blue, black and red. Painting these was a lot of fun.

There is also a party room at Fun Craft. There is a big disco ball and a DJ who puts on a bubble machine, and there are lots of fun activities that will make your party the best ever.

You also get pizza and cake in the party room.

As you can see, Fun Craft is a really fun place to go. It is at 297 North Broadway, Jericho. Call: 516-933-1785. Online:

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