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Fun in the Skudin Surf Afterschool Club in Long Beach

Kidsday reporter Pearl Guilbert with Cliff Skudin.

Kidsday reporter Pearl Guilbert with Cliff Skudin. Credit: Guilbert family

What is the best thing about living on Long Island? The beach! Don’t let going back to school slow you down and make you miss the beach and water fun. The Skudins run a surf camp and club in Long Beach. The club starts in September and ends in late October.

Skudin Surf started in an interesting way. It was a little bit like a family tradition. Someone in the family got the idea. They passed it down and those people passed it down. The current owners, Cliff and Will Skudin, were the ones who really evolved it, though.

You do need to be a little bit of an experienced surfer, but once you are done with that stage, you can relax and enjoy your time. Skudin Surf is not only about surfing, though. It is also about learning how the moon affects the tides or knowing that once you see trash on the beach, it is now yours.

The required materials needed for the Skudin Surf Afterschool Club are a wet suit and a surfboard.

Skudin Surf is an amazing experience and you do not even need to know how to swim to do it. The Skudins run adult and children camps and clubs and I think everyone should try it.

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