Good Morning
Good Morning

Fun nail art

Do you want to be festive on St. Patrick's Day but you don't have any green? What if you want to wear pink and red for Valentine's Day all week but you can't wear the same outfit every day? Well, I have a solution for that. Nail polish!

It's a great way to be festive or just have some fun. Here are some amazingly adorable fingernail decoration ideas: For July Fourth, you can paint American flags, or if you just want to keep it simple, you can paint red, white and blue stripes or red, white and blue polka-dots. You can paint an A+ for school. And for Valentine's Day, you can do pink and red hearts. There are also many more fun ideas you can find online and in books. I recommend the Klutz book "Nail Style Studio." I hope you have as much fun as I have!

My mom does my nails every Saturday. I sometimes suggest designs or she does something creative. Besides making my nails look really nice, I get to spend time with Mom. What is better than that?

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