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Good Evening

Fun things for kids to do in winter — inside and outdoors

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Angelina Salmon

Do you ever get bored during the winter? Are you looking for some ways to eradicate this boredom during the cold, dark days after the holidays? We have some great suggestions for you, some enjoyable activities. For example, you could enroll in any type of indoor sport including hockey, basketball, futsal, swimming, skating and other extremely exciting indoor sports. You can also bundle up and take a walk at the many parks and preserves on Long Island. Our favorite is Avalon Park in Stony Brook.

Other interesting activities that you can do around your neighborhood are skating at a local lake, sledding down hills near you, visiting museums, building beautiful snow-people, building crumbling snow villages and making snow angels. But, if you are more inclined to hang out at home, like us, you can buy some video games, books and movies. Although your parents may keep saying that they want you to go outside and play, explain to them that these videos games allow you to develop your problem-solving skills while staying warm. We like Minecraft, Terraria, Just Dance, FIFA, Mario Kart,, and Akinator.

As far as books go, you can read and reread the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games series and the Maze Runner series, and if you finish all of these, google “Great books to read for” then your grade. You can watch multiple movies, too. “Big Hero 6”, the “Harry Potter” movies, any of the 100 “Barbie” movies, any appropriate superhero movies, or any of the many documentaries offered on Netflix. If you are the creative type, then you can draw random things that you see, paint things that have meaning, make colorful arts and crafts, knit, or color in coloring books.

And don’t forget to hang out with your friends, too!

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