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Fun ways to exercise without going to a gym

Do you want to stay fit without having to go to the gym and lift weights? Do you want to do something you will enjoy? Well, this is exactly what you need.

There are some things you can do just around your neighborhood. You can bike with your friends, jog, run, walk, roller-skate and jump rope. Turn these things into races and competitions, if you like.

Stuck inside? You can dance or do yoga. Yoga is very relaxing, and dancing really gets you moving. If you have a Wii or Xbox 360, you can buy games like Just Dance, which is so much fun. You pick a song, and the person on the screen will tell you what dance move to do. You are dancing and exercising!

During recess at school, organize some games. At my school, we like handball and soccer. When we go to the gym for indoor recess, we can jump rope or play basketball.

Here are some things that will help you stay healthy: Always get a good night's sleep, take vitamins, be careful not to eat too much sugar or fast foods, don't skip meals, eat healthy foods (I know you probably don't want to).

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