Good Evening
Good Evening

Fun with the Nintendo 2DS

I tested the Nintendo 2DS that came out in October. It is much like the 3DS, only it can't display images in 3-D. But if you don't like 3-D, the 2DS is right for you. Also, if you like how the 3DS folds, remember: the 2DS does not fold. That might be a good thing because so many times the hinges can break on the 3DS. But it can play the DS, 3DS and 2DS games. It also has the same format as the 3DS.

It has two camera styles so you can take regular or 3-D pictures, a parental control setting, a mii maker where you can create your own characters, an activity log, and a Nintendo world creator. It also comes with a 2GB SD memory card. I think the 2DS is much better than the 3DS because of the added features. It is cheaper, too.

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