Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Family fundraiser offers help, and smiles, to kids in need

Kidsday reporter Alexander Abi-Zeid, third from left, with

Kidsday reporter Alexander Abi-Zeid, third from left, with his siblings Ryan, left, Nicholas and Faith. Credit: Dawn Abi-Zeid

This year my family and I started The Smile Foundation. Why did we start this? I heard of kids in my town who couldn’t take part in extra school activities because they were unable to afford them. Even in my own school I have seen kids sitting against the wall at book fairs because they were unable to afford the books.

This made feel sad inside, and I wondered how I could help them. So one night at dinner, my family and I discussed this and decided to collect money to help kids in these situations. We decided to raise money by collecting bottles at our soccer and baseball games. We will cash them in and save the money in a big jar. Then we will donate the money to the school for this group of kids.

When our family and friends heard our idea, they wanted to help and support us by giving us bottles because they feel empathy for these kids, too. The motto we found that was perfect for our project is, “If you don’t have a smile, I will give you one of mine.”

Have you and your family ever done something like mine? This is what we are doing to help kids in need in our community!

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