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Why I do fundraising for needy kids

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Meadow Dahlberg, Miller Place

Fundraising is something I enjoy doing. I do it to help kids in need. I think it’s important to help others. Things like poverty, natural disasters, war and living in Third World countries affect children just as much as they affect adults. It’s not children’s fault that they were born into bad situations, and it’s not fair that they have to suffer. I have done many fundraisers for many different causes to help children.

I have an account on CrowdRise called Hands of Heroes ( CrowdRise is an organization run by GoFundMe. It helps you raise money for causes that you’re supporting. I have a $1,000 goal. I have made $153, which is about 15 percent of my goal. All of the money that I have raised is going to UNICEF. UNICEF works in many countries to help kids in need.

By getting other people involved with helping me, I can make more of a difference. I held an event at a restaurant, and a portion of the bill for diners who ate and participated in my fundraiser went to my cause. You can also sell to make money or collect items for your cause. I made and sold bracelets to raise money for one of the causes I thought was important, and I collected clothing for another cause.

Lara McNally’s Girl Scout Troop 730, Centereach


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