Good Morning
Good Morning

Fundraising to help fight cancer

Have you ever done something for a worthy cause? We have. We created a fundraiser called Hook for a Cure. We talked about how much we loved making Rainbow Loom bracelets and decided we wanted to give back to people who were going through breast cancer treatments.

We made a lot of Rainbow bracelets, all pink and white. A bunch of our friends wanted to help. They made bracelets, too. We told our teacher about our idea, and she said she would sell some to her family at the breast cancer walk.

We made more than 100 bracelets. It was a big hit. We sold some to our friends, teacher, principal, people that work at our school, my family and my teacher's family at the walk. Christina's mom even sold them at a hospital where she works. We made $100, which was our goal, and we sent it to the American Cancer Society. It felt good, and we were so happy to help. But we won't stop there.

We want to do this fundraiser every year. We loved doing it for those who have breast cancer. It was so successful. Every year our goal will be higher and higher. Think about what you could do to help all those in need.

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