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Funko Pops are small and very big

Kidsday Reporter Riley Wood and his Funko Pop

Kidsday Reporter Riley Wood and his Funko Pop collection. Credit: Smith family

I love Funko Pops! I think they are a great way to show your love for a TV show, movie, cartoon, video game or comic book by displaying an action figure of a character from the series on your shelf.

Each one is about $10, which makes them even better. I started collecting them at my 9th birthday. I dressed up as Harry Potter and everyone got me Harry Potter-themed presents, but one of them stood out to me ... a rectangular box with a figure with no mouth and dead black eyes of Dumbledore. I looked at the name of the company; it read “Pop Movie.”

About a week later, after spending almost all my birthday money I had seven Harry Potter pops. When I first collected them, I kept them squished on top of a tiny shelf in my room. Then I collected pops from TV shows and video games. Now they can’t fit on my shelf, so I decided to put the pops on my bar in my basement. In November, I got an Amazon package of black thin shelves to attach to the bar walls. I decided to have a different shelf for groups of pops based on character traits, rarity or the company (incluidng one for “Stranger Things,” my favorite).

My goal isn’t to get them all; my goal is just to collect the ones I want. I am not like the collectors who pay hundreds of dollars on one pop. Funko makes other stuff, too, like T-shirts, mini-figures, stress balls, plushies and much more. They even have their own app, which lets you make yourself as a pop. You can check off your collection, purchase Funko shop pop exclusives, get cereal and much more. And now the search now continues to find exclusives, rare figures and gold figures.

Valentina Gatti and Bonnie Hersch’s sixth-grade class, Wantagh Middle School

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