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Making a Funko Pop collection is a blast

Kidsday reporters Elizabeth O'Carroll and Kayli Greco with

Kidsday reporters Elizabeth O'Carroll and Kayli Greco with their Funko Pop collection. Credit: Robyn Grieco

Do you collect Funko Pops? We do. We love them. In fact, we have almost 40 in our collection.

Whether you have metallic ones, scary ones, glittered, old or new, every Funko Pop is unique. Whether you have a full set of only Disney or a few out of each set, every collection is unique, too.

If you don’t have a collection and want to start one, here is a suggested place: Newbury Comics in Garden City and Lake Grove. It has a wide variety of sports Pop characters, Disney Pops and even TV show and movie Pops.

We have regular, glittered, bobbleheads, and even two that are suede in our collection. Some things we love about Funkos are that they are so detailed and that there are so many of them.

Here are some of our favorites in our collection:

  • Belle glittered diamond edition (Disney)
  • Dumbo glittered (Disney)
  • Stitch glittered (Disney)
  • Demogorgon (“Stranger Things”)
  • Eleven punk (“Stranger Things”)
  • Bobblehead Dancing Groot (“Guardians of the Galaxy”)
  • Scooby Doo suede
  • Remy suede (“Ratatouille”)

Jennifer DeCarlo and Robyn Grieco’s fifth-grade class, Nokomis Elementary School, Holbrook

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