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How to play futsal (it’s like indoor soccer, but faster)

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kyra Anderson, Stony Brook

Have you ever played futsal? I have. If you don’t know how to play futsal or even what it is, I’ll explain it. Futsal is almost the same as soccer, but it’s indoors and the rules are a little bit different than regular soccer. Here’s how the rules are different.

Futsal is a five-second game, which means that you only have five seconds to pass the ball to another player if you are kicking from the out-of-bounds line or the ball goes to the other team. And although in regular soccer you throw the ball from the out-of-bounds line, in futsal you kick it in. Next, the size of the goal is between a normal soccer net and a hockey net. Futsal is played in a smaller area. There are also only six people on the field at a time, including the goalie.

Futsal involves a lot of running and exercise, but you will always have fun. There are many futsal leagues on Long Island that are very good. And don’t be scared if you are a beginner because you will always have fun, and you will start understanding all the rules of the game in no time. This is why I think you should consider playing this game. I play for my travel team, and I like playing this when I am not playing lacrosse, softball and basketball!

Barbara Wright’s fifth-grade class, Birchwood Intermediate School, Huntington Station

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