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Good Morning

Here's the dirty truth our science experiment revealed

Benjamin Ahn, left and Arris Thornberg and Kidsday

Benjamin Ahn, left and Arris Thornberg and Kidsday reporter Charlie Escobar doing their science experiment. Credit: Picasa

My friends and I did an experiment for the science show at school, and we made it so that at least one part was very fun.

Our objective was to test three laundry detergents to see which one got clothes cleanest. The same type of washing machine had to be used, so the machine could not be the thing making a difference in how clean the clothes got. We used Gain, Tide and Purex.

All three of us had the same brand of matching new white lab coats. This was the part of the experiment that was fun — getting our clothes dirty! We poured mustard and ketchup on each other. We put orange Gatorade in water guns and had a Gatorade gunfight! 

We took them to a Laundromat. We put each coat in separate washing machines and put a different laundry detergent in each. After washing and drying, we looked at the coats to see which one was the cleanest. The experiment was between Tide (most expensive), Gain (middle price), and Purex (least expensive). They all did a good job, but in our opinion, Tide was the winning detergent.

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