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‘Game Shakers’ actress Cree Cicchino talks to Long Island kids

"Game Shakers" actress Cree Cicchino, center, with Kidsday

"Game Shakers" actress Cree Cicchino, center, with Kidsday reporters from left, Jordan Hadix, Alexis Armandi, Griffin Schwartz and Nick Gomez. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Recently, we interviewed 13-year-old actress Cree Cicchino from the Nickelodeon show “Game Shakers.” She stars as Babe Carano. Once Cree entered, we all introduced ourselves, and then we all sat down and began to ask her questions. She answered all of our questions with booming enthusiasm, excitement and clarity. She told us that she started her career as a dancer, and that she loves hip-hop and jazz funk. She added, “I originally started as a more classical dancer. I started with competition, so jazz, ballet and tap — all of that.”

We wanted to know if she was good friends with her other cast mates and Cree said, “Oh, yeah, definitely. We’re all really close. We’ve slept over at each other’s houses.”

We love her character on the show, but we wanted to know how much of the character is “really her.” Cree said, “There is a toughness that I don’t really have and she’s definitely a little bit crazier than me. I’m a little bit less of a risk taker than she is. It’s kind of 50/50, I would say, between me and her.”

Of course, being kids, we wanted to know if she had pets, too. “I have two dogs. One of them is adopted; first we fostered him from a shelter and we just adopted him. I have a morkie (a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a purebred Maltese) I’ve had hamsters and my grandma had a cat.”

Finally, since she is about the same age as us, we wanted to know about school. Cree told us, “I go to independent school, which is basically the same amount of work except I sort of teach myself and there’s disks we used to watch, and we have on-set tutors to come and help us if we have any trouble.”

Cree was so much fun to meet and talk to, and we hope you like her show, “Game Shakers,” as much as we do.

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