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Gardening tips from the Bayport Flower Houses

Kidsday reporters Sophia Maiorano, Cormac Love and Alex

Kidsday reporters Sophia Maiorano, Cormac Love and Alex McAuliff at Bayport Flower Houses with employee Nicole. Credit: Kimberly Rall

The Bayport Flower Houses was founded 85 years ago by Maria and Paul Auwaerter. They used to grow flowers to sell at the floral markets in New York City.

The business has lots of events for community outreach. It has a Lady Bug Breakfast, at which it releases thousands of ladybugs to help plants and crops. At the Buffet of Berries, it plants red, yellow and orange hollies for winter birds. Many schools go there for field trips as well.

Here are some summer gardening tips by Nicole from Bayport Flower Houses:

  • It’s all about the soil. Use good soil!
  • Go organic — plant with no chemicals.
  • Water thoroughly.
  • Try planting something new each year.

The Bayport Flower Houses has a mascot, Peaty, a dog named for peat moss. The most popular plants it sells are poinsettias, trees and shrubs. Check out the calendar of events on its website because it often has planting classes for kids. Oh, and it delivers. For more information, check out

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