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Gay-straight alliance helps kids be open, learn about others

Kidsday reporters, from left, Tricia Cerbini, Ava Zucker

Kidsday reporters, from left, Tricia Cerbini, Ava Zucker and Maansi Kandula join in support for the Gay-Straight Alliance Club. Credit: Kathleen McMahon

Have you ever heard about the GSA (gay-straight alliance) Club? If you haven’t, let me tell you. The GSA Club’s purpose is to educate students about the LGBT community. It’s also a chance to provide a safe space to ask questions and share stories. And most of all, to have fun — a lot of fun!

I interviewed Ms. Elisa Waters, a teacher at Jericho Middle School who runs GSA Club.

How long have you been in GSA Club?

I ran GSA Club for about 13 years.

What do you look forward to every Friday at GSA Club?

It’s a love fest! GSA Club is more than a club, it’s a family.

What are the changes you have seen since you started this club?

The changes I have seen are that more and more students and staff are more open to sharing their real-world experiences. Also, they are more educated about offensive language and behavior.

What is your favorite part?

My favorite part is seeing students be their authentic selves. Now I am interviewing student leaders.

Why did you choose to come to GSA Club?

I choose to go to GSA Club because I enjoy speaking out and supporting the LGBTQ community.

What do you look forward to in the club?

My favorite part is hanging out with my favorite teachers and most of all the rainbow treats! Also, we enjoy rainbow treats to represent the LGBTQ flag.

I hope your school starts a GSA club.

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