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Gem shows really rock

Kidsday reporter Margaret Minihane visits a gem show

Kidsday reporter Margaret Minihane visits a gem show held in Mattituck. Credit: Minihane Family

Last summer I went to a gem show at Mattituck High School with my grandpa and grandma. It was cool because there were rocks on display and rocks you can buy. There was this really cool rock called the worry rock. You rub it when you are worried about something, and it really helps to ease your worry. I liked the show so much that we went around the arena two times. One of my favorite gems is a lava rock. When my grandma and I were looking at the crystals, my grandpa went to the fossils section and bought me a surprise fossil. I got so many rocks and minerals I needed two bags. I definitely want to go back next year, and when I do, I will know a lot more about the gems because I have been studying them a little more.

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